The Most Important Supply Chain in the World Isn’t what You Think, and We need to Reinvent It.

The Supply Chain of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (guess)

So what’s the problem, and what is “the most important supply chain in the world”?

The Link TL;DR

If you’re here, its either because you want to spoil the surprise, or you’re running short on time. Either way, just click to these links on the article and skim.

  1. The _________ supply chain and its problems.
  2. The solution!

Manufacturing is the system of production that humanity relies on to make its products, and the systems that are used to build the foundations of modern civilization.

Manufacturing is what allows us to travel, make new things, eat, drink water, use electricity, have houses, go on boats, write, and more.

What is protein?

The science of protein is one that’s pretty complex, but can easily be broken down. Literally.

  1. Then, the hydrogen bonding of the polypeptide forms the new patterns of the pleated sheet and the alpha helix, and constitutes a bunch of bonds that form the 2D structural coil and plate patterns. This is called the secondary structure.
  2. After processing these together, the tertiary structure is formed, and we can start to observe this 3D polypeptide structure, and a very sprawled out, spaghetti-like structure in protein imaging.
  3. Then finally, we get the quaternary structure, or the 3D protein itself, fully formed and ready to be used to make products, give us nutrients, and do practically everything for us and our current manufacturing system.

The Protein Supply Chain Problem

It’s not that we’re creating protein that’s the root cause of climate change. It’s how we’re creating protein that’s the problem.

And this is why I dare to say that the current protein supply chain stinks. It’s revolutionary, indispensable, and pretty awesome, but its not good. Current manufacturing is not good.

Such a glow up 🤩

The Solution

I can tell you already that one is probably either never going to happen, or not for another 1000000 years. But, 2 is definitely possible, and its currently happening right now, thanks to companies like these:

And I may or may not be working w/them some…


There are two main types of fermentation: lactic acid and alcoholic/ethanol (the yeast does alcoholic).

#proteinispower (lol)

Recap and Final Thoughts

We get the gene from the animal, inject it into the microorganism, allow it to assimilate to the new genetic structure, (in the case of yeast and other microorganisms) let it ferment/produce protein, and then we purify the protein and combine it with other stuff to make products. Note that in the case of eggs, if we’re not growing them directly from cells, we’ll just get the liquid egg inside, not necessarily the shell — just an interesting note. This is an edited photo (by me) w/help of casgraphics for cell ag.
The future of meat production — CAS and project CMF

Applied Biology @theksociety, Currently focusing on Alternative Protein x Artificial Intelligence. AI + Security @Fidutam

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