The Knowledge Society (TKS) Review

First of all, this is me:

well, me eating a delicious burger shack fry

The Website

When you first enter the TKS website, you’ll probably like it. It’s nice, well-designed, animated, cool, etc. etc. One of the first things that I noticed was the overall organization and design theme of the website.

big flex 👌🏾


The application process isn’t long.

💵 Tuition

If you get accepted, the tuition is ~$4k USD a year [a lot of financial aid is offered, get to it in a second].

Why Attend? Why Pay?

There are actually multiple reasons. In a minute I’ll share my story and another first years’ and then some alumni.

  • World Class Speaking opportunities
  • Massive Networking
  • Learning on Technology
  • Learning on Mindsets
  • Outcomes, not Problems

Will I have to do TKS more than school to reap benefits?

No. One of the things almost every director tells you is that school should be the #1 priority.

Satya Nadella, the current CEO of Microsoft 🦄

So is it a scam?

Despite whatever negative/positive rave Reddit post or any random review from one of those sites with a 🤩 response or a 😡 response, TKS is no scam.

Do they just market off of “already smart people”?

This is one of the biggest concerns out there.

  • I’m researching alternative protein, and have received over $10,000 in prizes for my work in AI. I never knew about these fields (excluding AI) prior to TKS, and I definitely wasn’t making developments in them (again, excluding AI). I’m also developing cyber-infrastructures at Fidutam
  • Luke Piette has worked at Mann Labs, building brain computer interfaces that can literally recreate sight, and hacked wearables like the Muse headset, and reconfigured them to diagnose depression off of EEG brain data
  • Nazra Noushad (worked at TKS after attending the program) and Cassia Attard consulted in the TKS Challenge, and have since been consulting around the world, working with legendary CEOs/company founders like the late Tony Hsieh
  • Michael Trinh and Mikey Taylor have both/still are doing awesome bio/neuro stuff at Harvard Medical School
  • Sofia Sanchez is focusing her efforts in Synthetic Biology, doing an international genetic engineered machine competition and leading a team from home
  • Me, Aditya Mittal, Karthik Mittal, and Allison Dana built a website, drafted a 90-page slide deck, and worked on workbooks as apart of consulting for a company, and we’re still pursuing our own personal projects
  • Did I mention that Ananya Chadha (now in Stanford) worked directly with IBM on coding automation, Sick Kids Hospital on Gene Editing research, got sponsorship from Microsoft to develop BCI technology, and developed a blockchain application to hold and exchange genetic information securely and anonymously which was moved into the company Consensys?!?! 🤯


We’re community. Directors are accessible, TKStudents become your friends, we are like minded, but very different individuals.

The bottom bottom line?

Apply, try, do your best, join if you can, you’ll love it. I think you’ll love the community, the learning, the excitement.

ma ’23 + tks ’22 | bio @sickkidstoronto | ml @hansonrobotics | ml collaborator @ibm |

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