Cell Ag 1/2

Cellular Agriculture in a Meatcell

Lab-Grown Meat, Cell Culture, Gene Editing, and Biology!

Cellular Agriculture: The use of stem cells, tissue engineering, fermentation, and gene editing to culture cells into real products. This could be anything from muscle tissues to eat, to material products like leather.


The Cell — Fundamental Unit of Life

The Eukaryotic Cell

Let’s base color and observation based off of this diagram, and order on the list below.

The Prokaryotic Cell

Courtesy of Shmoop

Other organelles to know

Drawing of the characteristic chromosomal “X” structure


As shown with He2, the helium atoms are bonded covalently by sharing their electrons, as neither atom is electronegative (e-) enough to fully snatch the electron away for transfer, which is known as an ionic bond.

Nucleic Acids

Nucleotide, Uracil, and a single block of RNA


Peptide chain

Proteins In-Depth

3D Proteins and Protein Folding

PNAS — Protein Folding Graph

Cellular Behavior

Cell Division

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