A Marvel-lous Cinematic Production

Today, I’m writing about my remarks on something entirely different.

  • The idea of chaos magic, and the other magic types.
  • Nuances and variations in the WandaVision show!
  • Why the show is one of the best things Marvel has ever done.
  • What Marvel Inc. intends to do with Wanda’s character.
  • Where will Wanda go after this?

1. The Show Overall

WandaVision was probably the most anticipated show out of the Disney+ assemblage of Marvel TV series releases. I was most definitely looking forward to it the most as well. Up until the events of the last episode, many Marvel fans have grown to love Wanda’s character, but there was a slightly underwhelming feeling when we never get to see her warp reality on the big screen.

  1. Then, her (and her twin brother’s) backstory is changed to being the daughter of a human couple; she’s still a mutant with the same tychokinetic, or probability manipulation, powers.
  2. Then, she was adopted, experimented on by a crazy geneticist called the High Evolutionary and given to parents with the last name Maximoff, meaning she was a mutate instead of a mutant.
  3. Later her parent’s were said to be heroes during the Golden Age with the surname “Frank” (Wanda Frank just does not sound right to me).
  4. Then the same human Maximoff couple in rendition 2 are revealed to be Wanda’s aunt and uncle, and that her mother was actually a previous Scarlet Witch.
power up 🤩 — all rights to Marvel :)

2. The Bigger Picture

Though a popular theory was that WandaVision would be the gateway that appends mutants to the long list of new characters in the MCU, its clear that WandaVision was a definite service to MCU and comic fanatics, as well as a hint into the next Dr. Strange movie, which will probably be our introduction to Phase 4 characters and themes.

For those who don’t know, Wanda is a nexus being in the comics, or an entity that bridges different universes together, and is therefore unchanged between universes and dimensions. Therefore, her reality warping can affect the multiverse, and it likely will. In literature, Dr. Strange is the one who puts Wanda in a coma to reverse the effects of her powers.

At this point, Wanda is an ultra-powered being who can end any fight, but I can see her appearing in Phase 4 of the comics, as the Avengers villains are becoming a lot stronger, and Wanda’s powers now are still very nerf-able. Either that, or they’ll have to kill her off, bring in Hope Summers and mutants, or keep her catatonic.

Before you go…

Thanks so much for being curious and actually reading through this article. It was a lot of fun to make (and “research”, so I’m really glad you made it through! If you didn’t like it, maybe I’ll just have to hex you…

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