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Okezue Bell

This number represents half of our population.

This number represents all of the women in the world.

This number represents the catalysts who birthed you and I; the people who have allowed for the continuance of the human race.

Yet we neglect them.

But why? My reasoning is that it’s much easier (and cheaper) to force a universal standard instead of taking a specialized approach.

What follows is a recount of all of my learnings after countless hours of research on women’s health standards and clinical systems across the world, along with some thoughts on the future. …

From synthetic biology to women’s health, this is the future of proactivity that will completely revolutionize fields like personalized medicine.

As someone who loves the intersection between technology and biology, when the term biohacking comes up, I get super excited.

Despite the name and Oxford Dictionary’s definition,

It’s actually a really interesting science.

Biohacking describes the process of conducting science experiments without the need of high-grade lab equipment, or a lab in general.

There are so many different things that can be done with biohacking (sometimes called DIY biology), from optimizing gender-specific health discrepancies, to synthetic biology at home, to creating groundbreaking developments in bacteria using simple kits and materials off of amazon!

In this article, I’ll be going over…

Edited cover image from Microsoft Research DNA Data Storage

Batch Optimization of DNA-Based Archival Storage Systems

This is a technical article. I’d suggest you’d know 2+2, and bio, applied math, and comp sci! But don’t let that intimidate you; anyone can learn. Ultimately, feel free to approach with any level of knowledge, and search for what you don’t understand! Or, you can ask me in the chat for clarifications. To see diagrams in more detail, click on them.

As humanity continues to scale up the amount of collective knowledge being stored on the cloud, there will be a vastly increasing demand for more powerful data storage methods. …

This is a technical article. I’d suggest you at least know 2+2 before you read it, along with some differential calculus 🙂. However, its quite visual, so approach with any level of knowledge, and enjoy the read! Keep in mind that there’ll be more parts to this article (this is part 1) coming out soon!

The concept of machine learning — the paragon of learning based off of differentiable functions and parameters. Ultimately, behind the paradigm of deep learning itself is backpropagation. The “learning” in machine learning is thanks to this algorithm, as it helps to train feedforward neural networks…

Researchers gaze into a microscope to watch tiny, marshmallow-like globules navigate a petri dish filled with liquid. The globs are focused on sorting some specks of matter placed inside the dish. They scoot around slowly, working together to push the matter into small stacks. When one of the globs gets cut, it quickly heals and continues moving. These fascinating little masses are intelligently crafted combinations of frog cells.

When you think of frogs, the first things that come to mind include their unique croak, bubble throat, wet and slimy body, oddly positioned eyes, and perhaps even fear. However, researchers at…

Part 1/2

The revolutions in energy generation and energy storage have completely changed the way our interfacing with technology works. New phones boasting a “30% longer charge” allows us to leverage our devices faster. Batteries are a huge part of the reason why we like to spend $1000+ on the newest iPhone every year, instead of sticking with our old devices.

The devices are leveraging the latest developments in the lithium ion battery, a type of rechargeable battery that uses liquid electrolytes to regulate flow, thereby making it very versatile, and have high energy density.

what’s inside my iPhone? A lithium ion battery… amongst other things (arcs-technica)

If you were to tear off the…

Creating a New Interface that’s Entirely Living

Biology is all around us. It’s the tides, the moon, plants, animals, the earth, our minds, how we interact. It’s beyond just being everywhere. From a carnal perspective, it’s everything. You can’t envision the future, happiness, or any optimal or even suboptimal situation without biology being involved.

It’s beyond everywhere. In every crevice of our lives we’re subjected to the sublime and fundamental nature of biology and its constructs. …

A look into the future of laboratory work.

Researchers stare into a dish filled with oozing amoeba, and look through a microscope filled with twitching paramecia. They watch as these newly born organisms swim through their petri containers. Later, they watch clusters of stem and heart cells from the xenopus laevis frog — an entirely new life form; a biological robot — work collectively to digest and move pieces of microplastic from a small aqueous solution, and self heal when they are damaged.

As exciting as all of these microorganisms are, the scientists aren’t done. They go back to their drawing boards, iterating their algorithms, and remodeling the…

Over the course of history, our interest in the fundamentals of biology, especially proteomics — the study of all the proteins in the human body — has been completely reliant on expensive testing. Despite this, we’ve been able to make considerable advances in the fields of drug development to cellular microbiology.

As our development of biological products become increasingly prolific, we’re seeing that our previous environmental and in-vivo testing mechanisms are much too expensive and impractical, and even oftentimes inaccurate.

Think about it like this: would you want your barber to treat your lice? Would you have a veterinarian give…

Today, I’m writing about my remarks on something entirely different.

What’s it like creating a masterpiece? What do you get when you cross a grief-ridden reality warper with a crazed witch from the 17th century? In this post, I’ll cover each of these questions, and add my own thoughts along the way. Just be warned, there’s spoilers to WandaVision in this post, including from the last episode that just came out today!

What follows is my understanding of WandaVision, from breaking down the complex characterizations, to the introduction of Chaos Magic, to how WandaVision will play out in the 4th…

Okezue Bell

ma ’23 + tks ’22 | bio @sickkidstoronto | ml @hansonrobotics | ml collaborator @ibm |

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