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This number represents half of our population.

This number represents all of the women in the world.

This number represents the catalysts who birthed you and I; the people who have allowed for the continuance of the human race.

Yet we neglect them.

But why? My reasoning is that it’s much easier (and cheaper) to force a universal standard instead of taking a specialized approach.

What follows is a recount of all of my learnings after countless hours of research on women’s health standards and clinical systems across the world, along with some thoughts on the future. …

From synthetic biology to women’s health, this is the future of proactivity that will completely revolutionize fields like personalized medicine.

As someone who loves the intersection between technology and biology, when the term biohacking comes up, I get super excited.

Despite the name and Oxford Dictionary’s definition,

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It’s actually a really interesting science.

Biohacking describes the process of conducting science experiments without the need of high-grade lab equipment, or a lab in general.

There are so many different things that can be done with biohacking (sometimes called DIY biology), from optimizing gender-specific health discrepancies, to synthetic biology at home, to creating groundbreaking developments in bacteria using simple kits and materials off of amazon!

In this article, I’ll be going over…

Applications of Nanotechnology in Food

To date, food is one of the most valued economic production lines.

Unfortunately, we’re not really that good at making food. In fact, we waste more food than we eat. Every year, we waste about 1.3 billion tons of food by loosing it, or having to throw it away.

As we begin to see an exponential increase in population as time goes on, we start asking a different question. It’s no longer “what does feeding 7+ billion people look like?”. Now, the million-dollar question is

What does feeding 11 billion people look like?

And its 11 billion people because we’re…

The Supply Chain of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (guess)

So what’s the problem, and what is “the most important supply chain in the world”?

Stay tuned to find out 😉.

The Link TL;DR

If you’re here, its either because you want to spoil the surprise, or you’re running short on time. Either way, just click to these links on the article and skim.

  1. What is ________?
  2. The _________ supply chain and its problems.
  3. The solution!
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If I showed you these three products, and asked you to name something that they all had in common, what would you say?

One of the most obvious things that you’d probably say is that each of…

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

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So this is quite an interesting question, one that’s commonly perceived to be a “trick question” or “existential” or “unsolvable”. But, if we look at biology, we can actually find a pretty comprehensive answer:

Two chicken predecessors mated, their genes mixed, and they laid an egg, and it hatched a chicken.

Therefore, the egg is likely to have come first. And eggs are the fundamental marker of life. Nearly 340 million years ago, the first amniotic egg — the adapted form of egg laying by aquatic animals to work on land with…

Okezue Bell — Cellular/Acellular Agriculture of Collagen (*and Elastin)

…And its animal free

If you thought $18M in a Series A from biodesign company Geltor was a lot, try $91.3M for their Series B back in June, where they smashed their investment rounds.

Not even surprising to be honest. What Geltor is doing is pretty epic.

Based in San Leandro, California, Geltor is a company leveraging the tool of cellular agriculture to develop customized proteins without the animal.

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[They] audaciously [imagine] and deeply [explore] all the possibilities that the tree of life has to offer. With customer benefit at the fore of each step of the creative process, Geltor has created the largest…

Artificial Intelligence Applications

Cellular Automata and their Implications

For the past months, my research has been really focused on alternative protein, and the future of production, from eggs to silk.

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No, they’re not actually in chronological order or even in the right months 😬

In looking at all of these different applications, I continuously wonder, why are we not integrating biology into AI? I don’t just mean observing or amplifying biology using artificial intelligence, but also structuring AI after biological phenomenon!

A great example of this is a genetic algorithm. They simulate gene pools and evolution to solve optimization problems. Basically, they use survival of the fittest to find what the best possible answer to a question is! …

Microbiology and Neuroscience

How the Gut Microbiome can Inform Neurological Patterns

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Can you tell me what these 👆🏾 two body parts have in common? You could say that they are both organs/a complex of organs, they are both complex structures, or they are both vital in the human body.

How about these two?

The Discomfort Challenge

To be the best person you can be, you’ve got to be willing to seek discomfort.

The best way to do that is to help people.

More recently, I’ve been reading a lot of books on altruism, philosophy, and giving, and I’ve realized that sharing is literally one of the most important and fulfilling things that we can do in life, especially when sharing can save other people’s lives.

I used to be the kid that wanted to help everyone; I would always ask my parents for money to help a homeless person, feel affected by people carrying huge suitcases…

A Year in Review

Okezue’s Learnings from 2020

Mornings are kinda my thing now. So are nights, but that’s another story.

The morning is so revitalizing. It’s calm, but you can feel your kinetic energy rising as your strength comes back to you after an ultra-long power nap (more commonly known as sleep).

This wasn't always the case for me, and it still isn’t the case for most people around the world.

And if you thought waking up doesn’t mean anything, and that “you don’t need to be up until 11:00 am”, or that “waking up at 5:00 AM is dumb”. Try me:

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook starts…

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